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 How to play

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PostSubject: How to play   Sat Jul 30, 2016 3:06 pm

Every week we will be having a guild lottery. Following are the rules and what you need to do to play.

1.Open to all Active members.
2.Lottery Tickets will consist of 6 numbers between 1 and 75.
3.There are 2 ways to get tickets
A. You can buy up to 5 tickets a week at 25 Million Rupees each
B. You can earn a ticket by recruiting a new member and we approve them.
4.Lottery Tickets will be randomly drawn and you will need to write down your ticket number. (they will also Be Posted on forums with your name included)
5.You must match all 6 numbers to win the prize.
6.Jackpot will start at 500 Million and go up each week until we have a winner.
7.After we have a winner the jackpot will go back down to 500 Million for the start of the new game.
(As always these events are made possible by all members who have donated to the guild and who have worked hard to help build this guild to what it is today)
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How to play
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