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 Basic Information

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PostSubject: Basic Information   Fri Jun 10, 2016 7:46 pm

We are here to teach people how the game works and to help out where we can. Those of us that run the guild do have lives outside of the guild and outside of the game. Weather it be working, Taking care of there homes, or their families, or have emergencies come up that take precedence over the game. We will teach you the ropes and help you as you learn the game. But you need to also take the knowledge that we give you and expand it and learn from it. We cannot hold your hand every moment you are in the game. There is no guild out there that will. We are on a small server and you need to understand that a smaller server means less players. We have 3 people who run the guild and we spend a lot of our time running others threw the quest lines to help them get higher level. Maybe when there is not much going on go on you can ask lower level players if they need help with something and help them out. Or maybe even make a new toon and level with them, Make it fun and meet someone new. Make a friend in the game because you never know maybe they need a friend too.
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Basic Information
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