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 Rules you need to know.

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PostSubject: Rules you need to know.   Fri Jun 10, 2016 8:31 pm

We are a friendly guild but there are some rules you need to know.
1.) We help because we want to not because we have to.
2.) Be courteous to all members.
3.) Do not beg for Rupee's or pets. You will need to make Rupee's in game to be able to buy stuff you will need.
4.) We are not a pet leveling service. If you ask someone to level a pet for you and they agree to do so just remember it takes time and if the person doing the leveling uses an animal cracker and stamina saver it is costing them not only time but money as well, So please be patient and allow them the time it takes.
5.) Do not Expect another player to drop everything and help you if they are already in the middle of something. Just be nice and ask if they can help you when they are free.  
6.) We are not a bank. We worked hard to make money in this game. With a little bit of time you to can make money. Do not expect that we will be a loan office because you will be sadly disappointed.
7.) Do not bully others this will not be tolerated from anyone.
8.) We are not here to entertain you. If you are wanting a party you are welcome to make a party and ask others if they want an invite to fill it.
9.) No Scamming other players in the game or stealing items from other players. This is means for being kicked from the guild.
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Rules you need to know.
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