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 How to Make Rupee's

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PostSubject: How to Make Rupee's   Fri Jun 10, 2016 10:37 pm

This is for those who are needing to make money in game and do not have the funds to use the cash shop. You will have to do some work to make the items or do some taming and then you will have to be patient and give it time for people to buy your items from the auction house. Remember sometimes it takes a little money to start making money. These prices below are from items in the Auction House on 6/10/2016. And if you have not figured it out yet the prices in the game tend to change daily.

These Prices are subject to change. Please check auction house prices before you put your items in to sell.

Stage 0 Basic food             8 Million each fresh
Stage 0 Rare food             50 Million each fresh
Stage 0 Special food        150 Million each fresh
Stage 3 Yeti                    100 Million each
Stage 3 Skeleton             450 Million each
Stage 4 Blue Pixie           290 Million each
Stage 4 Red Pixie            490 Million each
Stage 3 Siren                 190 Million each
Stage 4 Orc                   620 Million each
Stage 1 Kentaorus          140 Million each
Stage 3 Hawkman           400 Million each
Stage 2 Hapry                 175 Million each
Stage 3 Salamander        240 Million each
Rank 7 Fortune Strike        30 Million each    You need fortune strike chips and extreme powers to make this
Rank 7 Fortune Defense     20 Million each    you need fortune defense chips and extreme powers to make this
                                                                   (Times the items needed by 10 to make cubes in bulk)
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How to Make Rupee's
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